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Hi Handsome

An Experience,

Not an Errand.

Cut or Shave, Beard Trim & Facials



Haircut & Style

The service we provide goes well beyond haircuts. When a man walks into one of our Saloons, it’s his time. His time to think. His time to be still. His time to recharge. We take pride in our craft. Highly personalized and tailored to fit whatever you desire.


Hot Towel Shave

While the world may take him for granted, eroding away at his ideals, we give him a few minutes to feel strong again. A few minutes to look his best.


Beard Trim

Time to take yourself away from the responsibility that society has demanded. Keep your facial hair looking clean and sharp for when you have to rise up for whatever the day may bring


Gentleman's Facial

Deep cleansing black mask removes blackheads and dirt contamination while vitamin and plant extracts soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

Meet Lily


Not Your Average Barbershop

Our barbershop features an all-star lineup of the best talent in the men's grooming industry. These experienced, guest-focused professionals help every man reach peak confidence and handsomeness on a daily basis. Come experience how they can help you feel and look your best.

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